Runtime Revolution Pages for Alex Tweedly

Runtime Revolution is a 4th generation scripting environment.

EuroRevCon 2004 was the conference in Malta held in November 2004 (Thanks again, Sims). Some of us took a few extra days and hung around Malta and Gozo, organized by Cloe and Sims (see their web page).

My programs

Image Jigsaw v 1.0

Jigsaw game, using rectangular "stretchy" pieces with simple animation. Use your own photo files to play.

Now out of Beta, and number 1.0; includes a number of improvements:

Also available from RevOnline, username alextweedly Category Games

Download the game

Playing Card Library. v 0.2

This is a library of images and scripts to manipulate them, to aid Revolution scripters in creating card games. Note that you will need a copy of Runtime Revolution (or compatible Transcript language) to use this.

Download the library

TriPeaks v 0.9 Beta

This is version of the TriPeaks solitaire game (the one that used to come with Windows 965 and Windows 98). It is an example of how to use the Playing Card library.

Download the developer version (49kb) (this includes the Playing Card library), or the standalone version for Windows (904kb).

There is also a copy of this game on RevOnline, under my username "alextweedly". However, because the game uses a stack for storing user preferences and scores, the RevOnline version does not remember preferences or scores between different times it is used.

The developer version cannot be used with Dreamcard Player, again because the game uses multiple stacks, and Dreamcard Player requires a single bundled stack.